So? What is the Curly Girl Method all about? Traditional haircare is about trying to change hair texture, make it straighter, make it smoother, make it flatter, “tame” that “wild” hair. We all know that these techniques only work until the next rainfall or gym session! This method? It’s the opposite of that. It’s not about conforming to stereotypes, it’s about embracing who you are and what you were born with.  

There is this idea that curly hair is somehow unruly, it needs to be brought under control. SAYS WHO? This is the hair we were born with. This is how you are supposed to look. Curls are not about fashion; eye colours and skin colours don’t come in and out of fashion-these are things we cannot change about ourselves. Well guess what? You cannot change the fact that your hair curls. You can try all you like to change it, yes you can blowfry it, get chemical straightening treatments, sizzle it between 2 ridiculously hot metal plates in an effort to get your hair to “behave”, but guess what? The next time you wash it, or it grows out, or gets wet, it’s going to be curly. Tired of fighting yet?  

Simply put, you swap out traditional shampoos for cleansers which don’t contain any sulphates. These are called “low-poo” cleansers. These products have bubbles to clean your hair, however the cleansers used are gentler and less drying than Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and it’s de-greasing cousins.  

You can also use a “no-poo” cleanser, which is a light conditioner with cleansing properties(but with NO SILICONS-more about that later) to cleanse your scalp. This is the most recommended method for cleansing your hair and scalp, as it is the best way to increase hydration for your curls. It’s extremely important that if you choose this method, that you commit to spending a minimum of 3-5 minutes exfoliating your scalp using either your fingertips or a shampoo brush. While traditional cleansers use a chemical to remove impurities, you’re now using good old fashioned friction and water, with a little help from conditioner, so do it well and reap the benefits of excellent curls! 

Now it’s time to condition. The single most important step in any hair routine, curly, straight or otherwise. Guys, it’s time to ditch the plastics. It doesn’t matter if your silicones were plant derived or otherwise, ‘water soluble’ or not, they have got to go from your haircare regime! Let me tell you, they are in just about every haircare product on the market, professional, supermarket and otherwise. That is why we only stock beautiful, hydrating and repairing products such as Everescents, Clever Curl, Jessicurl and Innersense. 

And finally, after all your hard work to cleanse and hydrate your curls, it’s really important to style them in a way that not only enhances your curl, but locks in all of that moisture you just put in. For that, we have a range of gels and mousses to suit your needs. A gentle styling product which is free from silicones and drying alcohols will help to minimise water evaporating from your strands during the days between now and your next cleanse.   

Of course, as with all the best things in life, the results from doing the Curly Girl Method can take time. The time it takes will depend on how much damage your hair has to start with, how often you have been using a blowdryer or flat iron to straighten your curls, and if you have had any keratin, straightening or colour processes. But if you stick with it, I promise you will reap the benefits with beautiful, healthy, bouncy waves or curls.  

This is a picture of our founder, Kim Marks, after her very first Curly Girl method wash and style


This is her, one year on from that first wash. Her hair had never been blowfried or heat styled in that 12 months between photographs