Why is it so important to cut curly hair when it’s dry?

Curls are all different. On one head of curls you can have some ringlets, some loose curls, some wavy hair and some straight hair. Not a single head of curls has a uniform curl type. With a traditional wet haircut, all hair is straightened out and stretched, while wet, with a comb. The hair is all cut to the same point. There are 3 things that happen here which are detrimental to hair that is always worn curly:

Firstly, bringing all the hair to the same point, whilst stretched out, does not allow for the variation of the spring factor of the dried curl. This may mean that parts of the haircut sit longer over hair which sits much shorter, or vice versa.

Secondly, wet hair stretches about 20% further than dry hair does. You can imagine just how much shorter the hair becomes not only once it springs back, but once the curls have dried with their natural spring factor on top of having been stretched out. Cutting your curls or waves dry ensures that you leave the salon with your actual desired length.

Thirdly, most combs used for cutting hair have spaces between the teeth which are much smaller than the combs recommended for use on curls and waves. Curly hair is much drier and therefore tangles much more easily. If these tangles are broken by a narrow tooth comb, it causes breakage and damage on a micro level that can have a major impact on the health of your curls.

Is there anything special I need to do to prepare my hair for my appointment?

Yes, there is. To be able to properly perform a dry cut, you need to arrive to your appointment with clean, dry hair, which has been either air dried or styled using a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer.

Please do not use a large amount of mousse or gel

Do not use products containing heavy oils or butters (Shea Moisture range and Garnier Hair foods are not recommended, for example)

Do not tie your hair up in any way, use clips, pins, headbands, hats or wear sunglasses on top of your head before your appointment

If you have an early appointment, keep in mind that day 1 or day 2 hair is ok-you don’t have to wash it that morning, a quick refresh is enough.

If you are having a colour service with your cut, you are still required to prepare your hair, as your cut is done before your colour process.

Do you cut children’s hair?

We host workshops in the school holidays for children. Please follow us on Facebook for the latest information www.facebook.com/yeahthecurls

Do you colour hair?

Yes we do, we LOVE colour. we keep the integrity of your curls at the centre of all our colour work. We have Olaplex available and we also have so many great ideas to minimise the damage that can be caused by colouring your hair.

How can I book an appointment?

All bookings for Yeah The Curls are taken online here. All appointments require a booking of 50% of the booking value at the time of booking. The fee is taken from your total appointment value after your service is completed. This booking fee is refundable and transferrable up to 48 hours prior to your appointment start time. If, for any reason, you cancel within 24 hours, or fail to attend your appointment, this booking fee will be held and will not be refunded.

Please note that you cannot book more than 5 weeks ahead of time, so anything past 5 weeks will appear to be unavailable. If you cannot find a booking within 5 weeks, this simply means that all appointments are taken.