Curl By Curl Cut Short Hair- From $115 

Curl By Curl Cut Medium Hair- From $137 

Curl By Curl Cut Long Hair- From $155  

All Curl By Curl haircuts include a hydration session after the cut is performed on clean, dry hair (for tips about how best to prepare your hair refer to your confirmation email, or the about section click here! 

Please allow at least 2 hours for your appointment, which includes a thorough consultation, cut, hydration lesson and dry.  


Regrowth Tint/Root Stretch: From $100 

Semi Permanent Colour: From $125 

Half Head Foils/Light Balayage: From $165 

Full Head Foils/Heavy Balayage: From $300 

Colour Correction: $100 p/h 

Olaplex $70 including No.3 for home maintenance 

Scalp Bleach: P.0.A 

Toner: $60 

All colour services include a natural dry under the dryer for curls, and a dry-off for straight hair. Foil/Balayage prices are inclusive of a toner. For multiple services in one visit, please contact for pricing.  


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